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The application
that allows you
to control gossip
completely anonymously.

Use it to your heart’s content …

I want to know everything !

Gossip is a free application to know everything about everything.
You can :


This application allows you to see
the gossip posted by your contacts or
concerning any of them. The gossip is
visible in a newsfeed, and you can
comment on them anonymously.


When creating a post, two options
are available to you:
Rumour : : composed exclusively of text.
Proof : this will consist of a photo
or video with commentary.


Share your thoughts, add your two cents,
you join in the conversation:
Gossip lets you do it all!!!
From now on you can add a comment
comment to each of your Gossips from your newsfeed.

Gossip Broadcast

Gossip Broadcast is a search engine that
reveals the news, exclusives and the buzz from the web
web on topics that interest you.
Get everything you need to know, the Best and the Worst alike.

Gossip Chat

Gossip has created an extension especially for you
so that you can get in touch
with the authors of gossips.
. But you can also chat with someone in your
phonebook without them knowing who you are.

It’s a free download !!