You may know I love to write about food and travel. I’m also a big fan of travel photography. Not only does it give me the opportunity to take the “I can’t believe I ate this” feeling out in front of the camera, but it allows me to photograph and document my experiences with more authenticity and authenticity than I could do without.

That’s right. It’s a camera you can take with you everywhere you go, so you can take a picture of wherever you happen to be at any moment and not worry if you’ve taken a picture of the same thing three times.

Im also a huge fan of travel photography, so I’m always looking for new ways to get that out of the way of my camera. I do a lot of travel in addition to my job as an educator, so I love that there’s so much opportunity for me to explore new locations and see new things. In many ways though, I feel like a photographer that has a creative outlet and is a bit of a free spirit.

In my own experience, I think it takes a lot of dedication to try new things and go on a trip. But the hardest part of that is setting aside that creative outlet for the time being. I’ve become very good at finding new ways of using my camera and have recently started doing more photojournalistic work. For sure, I’m still not a professional photographer, but Im happy to report that I’m getting better at it.

You can say I’m a bit of a free spirit, but I’d like to be known as a creative photographer. I have lots of hobbies and I try to do a bit of everything. I love to travel and I try to take as many trips as I can each year. I also enjoy all kinds of music, and I do a bit of art.

That’s part of why I’ve set up a blog that I run on my own website. The blog is all about creativity and photography, but it also happens to be an outlet for my photography to be shared with others. The way I like to set up my new blog is by using the “GIF” file format. I use a free plug-in to allow me to easily turn my blog into a photo album.

I use a lot of things to communicate with my readers. I think it’s important to stick with the one thing that’s really interesting to them.

I use the Twitter feed to keep in touch with my readers as well. It’s a simple way for me to keep in touch with my readers and let them know when I have new art, new videos, or new stuff to tell them.

I would say that most of the time I am just trying to get my readers to like my blog by going a little overboard and posting pictures or videos.


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