It’s the first time I’ve told you this, so keep reading. It’s always good to learn, so if you’re planning on getting some of your own hands dirty or getting some of your own clothes on, it’s probably good to do it.

I told you this before, but I can’t help myself. Its been a while since Ive had a good excuse for all this shit, but I can’t help myself.

Well, actually, it was more than a while before I had a good excuse for this shit. The first time I had a good excuse was when I had a friend who was addicted to heroin and said he wanted his first cigarette since he got off crack. I told him that he would regret it if he ever tried to have another one. So I gave him his first-ever cigarette and told him thats his excuse for all his bullshit. Thats pretty awesome.

And even though you don’t have anything redeeming about it, my friend was right. I still regret it. The fact that I had a friend who was addicted to heroin is still kinda shitty though. So in the next few days, I did something that I didn’t know I would do. I gave myself a new excuse, and I’m not even gonna tell you what it was.

Yes, I went and did the thing I didn’t want to do. I gave myself a new excuse. The one I was using the day I quit drinking. The one I told myself I was trying to quit smoking for, and that I couldn’t do it because I was hooked on the habit and the craving was so strong. Yeah, its a different excuse, but I’m not gonna tell you that it was one of the best ones.

Ive been a heavy smoker for a while, and I know what a habit is. It is nothing like a cigarette or something like that, where you can’t stop, and you can’t stop until you pass out. If you stop smoking, you have to quit drinking, and the craving is so bad you cant stop.

In my opinion, no. I am not a smoker. I like my coffee, but I dont smoke. It is only a habit. Ive been a heavy user of nicotine salts, but Ive never tried smoking. I do know that nicotine has a lot of different effects on the body, and I think it can be a very addictive substance. I understand the addiction, but the reason I cant quit is because Ive always found it so hard to stop.


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