The best part of the new year is the chance to reset and reset again. And while 2017 has been a year of change and upheaval it is also a time for setting new goals for the next year.

The only problem is that the year is just over, and we are already starting to get all the time off we wanted. That’s a big reason why we’ve decided to take a break from the usual blog series and start fresh. Starting over can be a scary thing, but if we keep our focus there’s no reason we can’t do it again next year.

2017 is a year of change, and with it comes an abundance of opportunity. The biggest change for us is that as of January 1st, we are going to be moving to a new office space. We are also going to be moving to a new city and new state. Weve been discussing all of this for a while, and to be completely honest, we think it is a good idea.

The first few weeks of 2017 was really difficult because we didn’t have time to do anything. We spent a lot of time in a lot of different ways. We had a lot of time to think about things and figure things out. We also had a lot of time to think about what we would do without it all, and what was important to us.

Last week we started to make plans to move. We had to plan an entire week not only to pack up and move everything but also to get everything moved, and pack it up in a really weird way that we are not sure we want to do. It’s going to take a lot of planning and a lot of time to make it work.

It is all about planning. A lot of times it’s not clear what to do without it all. It is the most important thing to us to figure out about it.

Although some of the things that we need to do are not so clear, there are still things that we do not know that we don’t know. The ones we don’t know are the ones that we want to do anyway, but they are there because we don’t know what we are doing.

The whole point of it all is that it isnt all about the story. That doesn’t even matter. It is about how we are going to do it.

Thats why planning is important. Everything is not as simple as it seems. Sometimes those things are not so clear-cut, and that takes planning. But that is what we do in our busy lives, and at the end of the day, it is what we want to do. We are not doing what we want to do to be honest.


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