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You can learn a lot about what makes you happy by learning what makes you unhappy. This is especially true with our own personal relationships, and if you’re unhappy in your marriage, then you can probably guess what the negative thoughts and actions that led to that unhappiness may be.

Well, it turns out that the things that make you unhappy may actually make you happier. This can be proven when you look at data, both in this study and in research we’ve done for a few years as well. We’ve found that people who are unhappy with their marriages tend to be happier with their relationships than people who aren’t unhappy with their marriages. And the reason why is that the unhappy people tend to ruminate and feel anxious about their own happiness.

I can’t explain this, but the people who are unhappy are also the ones that are often the most optimistic. The ones that are happy tend to be the ones that are pessimistic. So it seems, at least in this study, that the people who are unhappy tend to be the most pessimistic.

I think this might be related to research that suggests people who are unhappy tend to have a longer life span than those who are stable. This makes me think that the people who are unhappy may not realize that they are unhappy.

I think there are two reasons why the people who are unhappy have longer lives. First, I think that there is a belief that the more stable we are the longer our lives will be, and that this is not necessarily true. But second, I think that the people who are unhappy are more likely to be depressed. I know there are studies that say that depressed people are also more likely to have long lives.

I’ve been reading one of the most recent books on the subject of long and unhappy lives, “The Happiness Trap” by Daniel Gilbert. It’s a great book on the subject. I think most of the people who are unhappy are depressed, or at least that is one of the biggest reasons why the people who are unhappy have longer lives.

That said, people who are depressed and unhappy are also more likely to have health problems, and so depression and unhappiness probably both have something to do with it.

The sad thing about the book is that it’s not just about the book itself, though it’s a great meditation. I mean, the book is about the people who are unhappy, and not just those who are, but the people who are happy, and that’s one of the reasons why people who are unhappy are happier.

In the book, it’s a series of short essays, all of them written by depressed people, which gives the book an almost psychoanalytic feel. I just think it’s a great read.

The book is very personal as well. In many ways, you could say it’s more of a diary than a book, as it talks about a variety of aspects of its author’s life. One of the essays describes how she first became depressed and then became obsessed with writing it down and how she was able to write about that. For the most part though, the essays are about how hard it was to be unhappy, and how it was even harder to be depressed.


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