The first time that I saw the word “pii” in a magazine. I was so confused. I was expecting to see a piece about pii.org or pii.org.org. Or maybe a pii.org.org article. Or maybe a pii.org.org story.

The word pii actually comes from the Spanish word “pii” which means “pulse” or “heart”, but also “flesh”, “skin”, “liver”, “heart”, “heart”, “liver”, “skin”, and “flesh” are some of the other examples of the word pii.

The word pii is a Spanish word meaning heart, which is similar to the English word pang. I’m not sure if that’s the origin or if the Spanish word was simply called “pang” because it was pronounced like that. Or maybe it was just a Spanish word that sounded too long and complicated so they just made a pun on a word that was easier to spell.

A few years ago, one of the first things I learned about the Spanish language was that pii was the second most common word in Spanish. It is probably the most common word in the language. It is also often the word used by Spanish speakers in writing. This makes a few sense since a lot of Spanish words are considered “clichés” and are therefore common in English.

The fact that some phrases can be translated as “mystery” is a real shame. This is because they are often used in English to describe things that are likely to happen to other people (as in, “the things that will happen to you”).

The phrase “pii” is a phrase used in Spanish to express the idea of someone getting out of bed, usually on a Sunday, and going to work that day.

Well, that may be a little harsh, but pii is also used to describe a particular kind of a person. This may be a phrase used to describe someone who is highly intelligent or talented, or who has a certain amount of social skills. In other languages the pii is often used to describe someone who is a bit unusual or eccentric.

The word pii is usually applied to someone who is a bit of a bad person, someone who is kind of a paranoid. This may be because they were in a very bad mood, but it may also mean someone who is just not nice to us.

It is possible to be a bit of a bad person, and to also be kind of a decent person. It’s possible to be a bit of a bad person, and not be a bad person. This is something that can be learned and mastered, and the ability to master the pii is something that most people have. However, in order to be a decent person, you must also master it.

It’s not a question of whether or not you have it on your mind, or whether there is a problem. Its a question of whether you’ve done enough, and how you have done it. It’s a question of whether you have done the right things. It’s a question of whether you have done the right things, and you’ve done enough.


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