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The first of the three levels of self-awareness is the one that is hardest to see. This is why we are often stuck for the first few minutes or so of every day. We don’t stop to think about how we feel, or what we might do about it. We don’t even know what caused it. We just know we are feeling it.

The second tier of self-awareness is what we do when we realize we’re feeling something. It takes a little time to come to that realization. But once we do, we can start to stop and observe our own behavior and habits. This is usually the most challenging for the next tier of self-awareness.

If we can be aware of our own behaviors and habits, we can see that our actions are always guided by our own intentions. So we can stop and stop and stop until we get to the point where we know exactly what we did, why, and how it made us feel. Not just what we did, but WHY we did it. Once we know WHY we did it, we can stop and stop and stop until we know exactly what happened.

People are more likely to be self-aware when it comes to their own behaviors. Being aware of our own behaviors is definitely an important part of self-awareness. If we’ve got a good enough reason to start doing the same stuff our friends do, that’s great.

We’ve all done things like drinking too much coffee or eating too much chocolate, both of which are definitely bad for us. But it doesn’t mean we can’t be aware of the reasons for our bad behavior. As we get more and more self-aware, we’ll learn to be self-aware as well.

Most people feel that self-awareness means being aware of the things that are going on in their lives. This is true, but when it comes to our own behaviors, we are pretty much just unaware of how we are. Weve just put the behavior out there that we are aware of, and its on us to do something about it. So if we cant, or won’t do it, we need to know that we are aware of the behavior.

Most people know that they are aware of their own bad behavior, but they just dont know how to change it. So, they just keep it going. But when we are self-aware, we can put ourselves in a position to change it, if we really want to. We can be really determined to get rid of our bad habits, to change them from the inside out. The best way to start is to start by changing the way you think.

What we are talking about here is the difference between a mind that thinks of itself as a human being, and a mind that thinks of itself as an intelligent machine. We can start to change the way we think, by changing our habits of thought.

The first step toward change is to change your mindset, because that is what will cause you to change the way you think. What are your habits of thought? Are you a person who thinks of herself as a human, or an intelligent machine? Start by making sure you’re a human being first.

I think about myself as an intelligent machine when I think of myself as a person. This is why I used to think of myself as a human. My mind was the only one that had control over my actions. Now that I have to think of myself as an intelligent machine, I can control my actions completely. This has caused me to change my habits of thought.


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