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All that matters is that it is real.

In the last few years of its existence, Pii has put out a lot of neat little games and other products, including a number of unique “party games.” We’ve been working with a few of these games, including our newest one. We’ve been developing a game called “Party Time” with the help of Pii and our friends at Blue Byte.

The first thing that made me think I should give this game a go was the fact that I was able to find out that Pii is an indie developer, which is always a plus. But it also seemed to me that Pii has become quite good at making products that others can use, and not just for themselves. Although I have no idea whether this is so or not, I did find this email to be quite interesting.

What I find interesting about Pii is that they seem to have a very strong sense of community. Not just a sense of community of the indie developers, but a kind of collective sense of community of the indie game developers.


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