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My daughter is five years old and has been diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy. I have been able to keep her seizure free and her life on a normal track since her diagnosis. I also have been able to live a peaceful life after she was given that diagnosis. I have been able to keep those aspects of my life running smoothly, and it is very exciting to see her grow up and be able to have a normal childhood.

My daughter’s life is about to change however. By the time she is seven, she will have two types of seizures in her life. One will begin with a tonic-clonic seizure and progress rapidly. The other, a second seizure, will have a much slower progress. These will be in her brain and will require a hospital stay.

My daughter’s two types of seizures have been coming on for years. One is called a tonic-clonic seizure, and she has one every other day or so. The second, a second seizure, is much more common and is much more painful. It is a slow progression, occurring every three days or so, and it is not as severe. Sometimes it has been so mild that I have not had the chance to tell her about that.

While the second seizure is not as severe, it can be more damaging to our children’s health. It causes the seizures to last much longer, lasting several hours. It is also much more likely to cause a second attack in a day.

I went to a doctor’s appointment yesterday to check on my daughter who is four. She had the seizure. The doctor told me it was not too bad. She was not as scared as she had been the first time. I think she is just not used to the seizures. She also had the headache. She has had it maybe twice before.

One reason why the first time seizures can last so many hours, but the most likely reason is because she is the first one to die and the only one who is conscious. That is a huge concern for the parents of a toddler who’s only been born for so long.

My own daughter is three and has had seizures twice. She had the first one at eight months and then for the third time at nine months and she was not as scared of the seizures as she had been before. After the third time, she had the headache. So, they are still a possibility for her.

I’ve been watching her for 15 minutes now and she seems to be making good progress. When she was born, my wife and I had to watch her every second of every minute we were at work because she was so tiny. But she seems to be on the right track now. She’s sleeping a lot, eating a lot, and just seems to be progressing.

I did see some pics of her on her phone, but I didn’t realize at the time that she was just a girl. She looked like that girl in the video that we took. It’s almost like she has a personality. I really can’t say she’s a fan of any kind of game, but I hope she has the courage to stop watching this and start playing her own games.


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