The second of my books, The Three Levels of Self-Awareness, is my take on what happens when we focus our attention on the things we want to accomplish, the things we want to feel good about, and the things we want to know about ourselves. The Three Levels of Self-Awareness is about self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-transformation.

The reason I call it The Three Levels of Self-Awareness is that it’s a framework for self-awareness and self-knowledge, but it’s also about self-transformation.

Like many people, I’ve always been a little obsessed with the idea that how I feel is actually a reflection of how I feel, which is the same idea as the idea that how I feel is really a reflection of my brain. A lot of things that I do and say in my day-to-day life are a reflection of what’s going on in my brain.

The idea that how I feel is actually a reflection of my brain is one of the most profound concepts Ive learned. It’s a concept that helped me get to a point in my life where I could say I could do anything I wanted to do. I’ve gone from being the guy who could only do a half-assed job at a job I hated, to being the guy who can do anything he wants to do, with the occasional backhanded compliment thrown in.

The main reason we get to this point in our lives is to focus on the things that matter in our lives. The first thing we have to do is to think about our thoughts about what we’re doing. How do we get the focus of our actions? Do we have to think about what we’re doing.

There is a lot of time in our day when it seems as if everything we do is a waste of time. As a result, we have to stop and reflect on what we’ve done. Of course, just because we stop and think about how we’ve been, doesn’t mean we have to stop and think about what we’ve not been doing. We stop and reflect on our actions because we have to.

In the beginning, we will see our actions. We will get a clearer idea of what we are doing and get a better understanding of how we have always done our best. On the side of the world we will see a lot more of the things that weve done. However, when we stop and think about what we have always done, we will see our actions.

We don’t always get everything right. It’s easy to think that we always get it right. We can be so self-satisfied with our own accomplishments that we ignore the fact that there are still people out there that are doing the same thing over and over and over again. The reason that we don’t always get everything right is because we don’t have the patience or the wisdom to know when to stop.

The point is that we can always change our ways (we always do). The only difference is that we learn from our mistakes. When we take the time to reflect and figure out what happened and why, we can make changes that we never thought were possible.

Just because you can’t see your mistakes doesn’t mean you can’t change them. You can’t just ignore the fact that you are doing something that hasn’t worked in the past and expect it to work now. You have to take that time to figure out what you want to do and why and build a plan to make it happen.


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