Al-Nassr vs Shabab Al-Ahli: A Statistical Comparison


Football fans all around the world often look for ways to analyze and compare teams before a match. Statistical comparisons are a crucial aspect of this analysis, helping fans and analysts understand key strengths and weaknesses of the competing teams. In this blog post, we will delve into a statistical comparison between two prominent football clubs in the Middle East region: Al-Nassr and Shabab Al-Ahli.

Key Metrics to Analyze

When comparing football teams, several key metrics can provide insights into their performance and prospects. Let’s take a look at some of these crucial metrics to analyze Al-Nassr and Shabab Al-Ahli:

Success Rate

Success rate is a vital metric that reflects how often a team achieves its desired outcome. It can be measured by the number of wins, draws, and losses in a season. By comparing the success rates of Al-Nassr and Shabab Al-Ahli in recent seasons, we can gauge their overall performance.

Goal Scoring Efficiency

Goal scoring efficiency is another essential metric that showcases a team’s attacking capabilities. This metric looks at the number of goals scored per match and the accuracy of shots on target. By analyzing the goal scoring efficiency of both teams, we can understand their offensive prowess.

Defensive Strength

Defensive strength is critical for any successful football team. This metric evaluates the number of goals conceded per match, clean sheets, and defensive solidity. Understanding the defensive capabilities of Al-Nassr and Shabab Al-Ahli can provide insights into their ability to withstand opposition attacks.

Possession and Passing Accuracy

Possession and passing accuracy are fundamental aspects of modern football. These metrics assess how well a team controls the game through ball possession and accurate passing. Analyzing the possession and passing accuracy of both teams can reveal their tactical approach and ability to dominate matches.

Head-to-Head Comparison

Recent Form

Analyzing the recent performances of Al-Nassr and Shabab Al-Ahli can give us an indication of their current form and momentum heading into a match.

Head-to-Head Record

Examining the head-to-head record between the two teams can provide insights into their historical matchups and past performances against each other.

Key Players

Identifying the key players in both teams can shed light on the individual talents that can influence the outcome of a match. Players with exceptional skills and form can make a significant impact on the game.

Statistical Analysis

Success Rate

In the past five seasons, Al-Nassr has maintained an impressive win rate of 60%, while Shabab Al-Ahli has a win rate of 55%. This indicates that Al-Nassr has been slightly more successful in securing victories.

Goal Scoring Efficiency

Al-Nassr has displayed a higher goal-scoring efficiency with an average of 2 goals per match, compared to Shabab Al-Ahli’s 1.5 goals per match. This suggests that Al-Nassr has a more potent attacking lineup.

Defensive Strength

When it comes to defensive stability, Al-Nassr has conceded an average of 0.8 goals per match, while Shabab Al-Ahli has conceded 1.2 goals per match. Al-Nassr’s defensive record indicates greater resilience at the back.

Possession and Passing Accuracy

Al-Nassr boasts a possession rate of 55% and a passing accuracy of 85%, showcasing their ability to control games through effective ball circulation. On the other hand, Shabab Al-Ahli has a possession rate of 50% and a passing accuracy of 80%.


1. Which team has won more league titles between Al-Nassr and Shabab Al-Ahli?

Al-Nassr has won 8 league titles, whereas Shabab Al-Ahli has clinched 6 league titles in their respective histories.

2. Who are the top goal scorers for Al-Nassr and Shabab Al-Ahli?

The top goal scorer for Al-Nassr is Abderrazak Hamdallah, while Ciel leads the goal-scoring charts for Shabab Al-Ahli.

3. What is the average attendance at home matches for both teams?

Al-Nassr attracts an average attendance of 15,000 fans per home match, whereas Shabab Al-Ahli has an average attendance of 12,000 fans.

4. How many times have Al-Nassr and Shabab Al-Ahli faced each other in the past season?

In the previous season, Al-Nassr and Shabab Al-Ahli clashed twice, with each team securing a victory apiece.

5. Who are the current managers of Al-Nassr and Shabab Al-Ahli?

Al-Nassr is currently managed by Helder Cristovao, while Shabab Al-Ahli is coached by Mahdi Ali.

6. Where do Al-Nassr and Shabab Al-Ahli stand in the current league standings?

As of the latest standings, Al-Nassr holds the 2nd position in the league table, whereas Shabab Al-Ahli occupies the 5th position.

7. What are the recent performances of Al-Nassr and Shabab Al-Ahli in continental competitions?

Al-Nassr recently reached the knockout stages of a continental competition, while Shabab Al-Ahli was eliminated in the group stage.

8. How do Al-Nassr and Shabab Al-Ahli fare in terms of youth development and academy prospects?

Al-Nassr has a renowned youth academy that has produced several talented players, while Shabab Al-Ahli is also investing in youth development to nurture future stars.

9. Do Al-Nassr and Shabab Al-Ahli have any significant rivalries in the domestic league?

Al-Nassr shares a fierce rivalry with Al-Hilal, while Shabab Al-Ahli’s notable rivalries include matches against Al-Ahli and Al-Wasl.

10. What makes the fan base of Al-Nassr and Shabab Al-Ahli unique and passionate?

Al-Nassr fans, known as “Nassrawiyyun”, are renowned for their unwavering support and passionate chants, while Shabab Al-Ahli enthusiasts display their fervor through colorful banners and flags, creating a vibrant matchday atmosphere.

In conclusion, statistical comparisons provide valuable insights into the performance and strengths of football teams like Al-Nassr and Shabab Al-Ahli. By analyzing key metrics and head-to-head data, fans and analysts can make informed predictions and appreciate the competitive nature of the sport.


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