Discovering the Powerful Ram Raksha Stotra Lyrics



The Ram Raksha Stotra is a powerful Sanskrit hymn that extols the virtues of Lord Rama and seeks his divine protection. Composed by the sage Budha Koushika, this sacred prayer is believed to offer spiritual solace, physical well-being, and mental peace to those who recite it with faith and devotion. The Ram Raksha Stotra, which translates to “the verses for the preservation of Rama,” is considered to be a shield that safeguards the chanter from all forms of harm and evil influences.

The Origin of Ram Raksha Stotra

The Ram Raksha Stotra is a part of the Uttara Kand of the Valmiki Ramayana. Legend has it that the sage Budha Koushika, distressed by his ill health, sought guidance from the sage Narada. Narada then revealed the efficacy of the Ram Raksha Stotra to him. The sage Budha Koushika, after deep meditation and devotion to Lord Rama, finally composed this hymn.

Understanding the Verses

The Ram Raksha Stotra comprises of forty verses that are packed with profound spiritual meanings and blessings. Each verse is unique in its structure and purpose, emphasizing different aspects of Lord Rama’s divine attributes and the benefits of seeking his protection. The hymn begins with an invocation to Lord Rama and goes on to describe his various qualities such as his valor, compassion, and righteousness. Each verse acts as a mantra that invokes the divine energy of Lord Rama and forms a protective shield around the devotee.

Benefits of Reciting Ram Raksha Stotra

Reciting the Ram Raksha Stotra regularly is believed to bestow numerous benefits upon the devotee. Some of the key benefits are:

  1. Protection: The primary benefit of reciting this hymn is to seek the divine protection of Lord Rama from all forms of danger, illness, and negative influences.

  2. Health and Well-being: It is said that the vibrations produced by chanting the Ram Raksha Stotra have a healing effect on the body, mind, and soul, promoting overall well-being.

  3. Removal of Obstacles: By chanting this stotra with devotion, one can overcome obstacles and challenges in life with the grace of Lord Rama.

  4. Peace of Mind: The soothing verses of the Ram Raksha Stotra have a calming effect on the mind, helping the devotee experience inner peace and tranquility.

  5. Spiritual Growth: Regular recitation of this sacred hymn deepens one’s connection with the divine and aids in spiritual growth and evolution.

How to Chant Ram Raksha Stotra

Chanting the Ram Raksha Stotra is a simple yet profound spiritual practice that can be performed by anyone. Here are some key points to keep in mind while chanting this powerful hymn:

  1. Purification: It is advisable to take a bath or cleanse oneself before beginning the recitation of the stotra to purify the body and mind.

  2. Dedication: Chant the Ram Raksha Stotra with utmost devotion, faith, and sincerity, focusing on the meaning and significance of each verse.

  3. Consistency: For maximum benefits, make it a habit to recite the stotra daily at a fixed time and in a quiet, peaceful environment.

  4. Counting: Many devotees prefer to chant the stotra a specific number of times, such as 11, 21, or 108, to enhance the potency of the prayer.

  5. Intentions: While chanting, visualize Lord Rama’s divine form and feel his protective energy surrounding you, fulfilling your desires and granting you blessings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can anyone chant the Ram Raksha Stotra, or is it meant only for certain individuals?
  2. The Ram Raksha Stotra can be chanted by anyone, irrespective of age, gender, or background. It is a universal prayer that is open to all who seek Lord Rama’s blessings and protection.

  3. Is there a specific time of day when one should recite the Ram Raksha Stotra?

  4. While there is no fixed time for chanting the stotra, many devotees prefer to recite it in the mornings or evenings as part of their daily spiritual practice.

  5. Do I need to know Sanskrit to recite the Ram Raksha Stotra?

  6. While chanting the stotra in its original Sanskrit form is beneficial, one can also recite the transliteration or translation of the verses in their preferred language.

  7. What is the significance of chanting the Ram Raksha Stotra multiple times?

  8. Chanting the stotra multiple times is believed to enhance the spiritual vibrations and intensify the blessings received from Lord Rama.

  9. Can the Ram Raksha Stotra be recited for specific purposes such as protection from enemies or success in endeavors?

  10. Yes, devotees can chant the Ram Raksha Stotra with specific intentions in mind, such as seeking protection, overcoming obstacles, or achieving success in various aspects of life.

In conclusion, the Ram Raksha Stotra is a potent hymn that holds immense spiritual significance and protective powers for those who recite it with faith and devotion. Embrace this sacred prayer as a powerful tool for invoking the divine grace of Lord Rama and experiencing his unfailing protection and blessings in all spheres of life.


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