Meeting Singles Online is Easiest When Talking Via Live Video


If you’ve been frustrated with how difficult it is to meet singles lately, maybe it’s time you switched up your strategy and tried something new. Video chat sites aren’t just a place to make friends or have casual chats with strangers; some of them, like Flingster, also focus on online dating. On this type of chat site, you can do anything from having a quick conversation, to enjoying a one-time fling with your chat partner. And once you’re done, it’s on to the next chat!

That’s the general idea, anyway; it won’t always be that simple. For instance, you can’t rely on meeting the right chat partners every time; you may have to look for a little while before you make a connection with someone. Even so, that’s exactly how it works in real life, and also on other chat sites; you just have to let it happen how it happens.

Can using video chats to meet singles really be a game-changer, though? You might be surprised!

It’s like speed-dating, but with the option to take things further if you wanted

If you enjoy making snap decisions in fast-paced environments, a top-notch video chat site might be your new favorite hangout spot. Your choice to stay with a chat partner might pay off, or it might not. If it does, you may have just secured an informal online date with your chat partner. If not, you can exit the chat and find someone else. Provided you’re on a site that allows adult content, you might even get to virtual fourth base – you just never know when the magic’s going to happen!

There are essentially unlimited options to choose from

The best video chat sites have anywhere from several thousand to several million active users. Even if you’re only interested in meeting people of a particular gender, that’s still a lot of chat partners to meet. There’ll be users from all over the globe, and you can hop online at any time of day or night. Plus, chat sites with active user bases have people joining all the time, so no matter how long you spend on the site, there’ll always be someone different to chat with. That’s a lot better than trying to meet singles in a specific geographical area; even if someone lives in a metropolitan center, they can probably only handle so many bars, parties, and trendy hangout spots before they give up.

You’ll get to use filters

Most video chat sites are more than just Omegle-style random chats; they’ve upped their games by adding all kinds of cool features, like filters for instance. Possible options include filtering by gender, age, location (or country), keyword, or interests. If you’re looking for a specific kind of person, filters can help you find them a lot faster.

You can explore chat rooms

Another fun feature offered by a lot of chat sites are their chat rooms. Generally organized around a specific topic or group of people, you could find chat rooms for pretty much anything. Some sites have chat rooms for different countries or languages, while others have chat rooms for college students, teens, gay men, lesbian women, singles, and much more. If you get tired of the random video chats, you could always visit some chat rooms for a change of pace. 

There are plenty of built-in safety nets

Dating of any kind comes with certain risks, but if you’re meeting singles online, you’ll get to avoid some of these risks. For one thing, you’ll never be in danger of physical harm; they’re just a picture on your screen. For another, you can instantly leave a chat if the interaction goes south; you don’t have to put up with rudeness or misbehavior any longer than it takes you to hit the “next chat” button. It even has an advantage over traditional online dating sites, because romance scammers usually don’t bother with video chat sites; there are just too few opportunities for them to manipulate people with their elaborate stories. 

Very little planning is required

If you’re out on the town and hoping to meet someone special, there’s a certain amount of preparation involved. You have to make sure that your clothes are clean, that you smell nice, and that you look like a million dollars. You also have to go to whatever spot will give you the best chance of success. If you’re using a video chat site, though, the most you have to worry about is looking relatively presentable, and having a fairly clean background. Throw all the mess behind the bed, change shirts, brush your hair, and bam – you’re ready to go.

There’s less second-guessing involved

One of the trickiest parts of meeting singles is that you often can’t tell if they’re single at first. Unless they’re wearing a wedding ring or hanging on someone’s arm, you might not know whether or not it’s acceptable to shoot your shot. If you’re on a chat site, however, nobody will take it the wrong way if you ask them directly – that’s just how it works. They’ll be expecting it whether or not they’re single, so you don’t have to agonize over the decision while watching helplessly from across the room.

Communication is usually very direct

Along the same lines, if you have something on your mind, just go ahead and ask your chat partner if they’re interested. Are you in the mood for some flirting? See if they are too. Do you want to light some candles and see where the evening takes you? Maybe they do as well. Video chats usually move pretty quickly, so people tend to be very straightforward with each other about what they want to do. 

The takeaway

Your dating life doesn’t have to be boring anymore; there are loads of video chat sites out there just full of singles for you to meet. You might have to try a few chat sites before you find the right one, but don’t give up – you’ll find it eventually!


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