Simplifying the (A – B)^2 Equation


When it comes to algebraic equations, one common expression that students often encounter is the (A – B)² equation. This equation involves multiplying a binomial by itself and can appear daunting at first glance. However, by understanding the underlying principles and applying some simple techniques, you can simplify this equation with ease.

Understanding the (A – B)² Equation

To simplify the expression (A – B)², you need to remember that this is equivalent to (A – B) x (A – B). This means that you need to distribute the terms inside the parentheses to get the expanded form before further simplifying it.

Step-by-Step Simplification Process

  1. Multiply the Binomials

    • (A – B) x (A – B) = A x A – A x B – B x A + B x B
    • This simplifies to A² – 2AB + B².
  2. Final Simplified Form

    • Therefore, the expression (A – B)² simplifies to A² – 2AB + B².

Example Problem

Let’s look at an example to better illustrate the simplification process:

Simplify (3x – 2y)²

  1. Multiply the Binomials

    • (3x – 2y) x (3x – 2y) = 9x² – 6xy – 6xy + 4y²
    • This simplifies to 9x² – 12xy + 4y².
  2. Final Simplified Form

    • Therefore, (3x – 2y)² simplifies to 9x² – 12xy + 4y².

Key Points to Remember

  • Understanding how to expand and simplify expressions like (A – B)² is crucial in algebra.
  • The simplified form of (A – B)² is A² – 2AB + B².
  • Practice with various examples can help solidify your understanding of this concept.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the formula for expanding (A – B)²?
  2. The formula is (A – B)² = A² – 2AB + B².

  3. Can I use the (A – B)² formula for variables other than letters?

  4. Yes, the formula is applicable to any variables or constants.

  5. How do I know if I’ve simplified (A – B)² correctly?

  6. Make sure to properly distribute the terms and combine like terms to obtain the final simplified form.

  7. Are there any shortcuts for simplifying these types of equations?

  8. One shortcut is to remember the formula (A – B)² = A² – 2AB + B².

  9. Why is it important to understand how to simplify (A – B)²?

  10. This concept is foundational in algebra and is frequently used in various mathematical applications.

In conclusion, simplifying the (A – B)² equation is an essential skill in algebra. By following the step-by-step process outlined above and practicing with different examples, you can master this concept and tackle more complex algebraic equations with confidence.


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