What are the most popular sports in Ecuador that people bet on?


As is happening in most countries around the world, sports betting is gaining ground. After the pandemic, many people decided to enter this world. Some for fun, others looking for extra money. In any case, thanks to the arrival of new bookmakers in Ecuador, every day there is more volume of general betting application.

Most popular sports to bet on in Ecuador

Most Latin American countries are very fond of sports. It is something that is seen in all families where since childhood they are practiced either at school or in the neighborhood. Beyond the great variety of Ecuador bookmakers that currently exists, another important point is to determine which sport and which market to bet on. All these decisions will be key when determining the success or not during the bet.

In general terms, the most popular sports to bet on in Ecuador are:


Yes, football is the absolute king of sports betting around the world. This makes it the sport that has the most variety of open markets in the different bookmakers around the world. Thanks to this, the chances of winning and combining bets with each other are much greater than in other sports where it is limited and there are fewer possibilities as it is a non-liquid market.

Ecuadorians like to bet on their own league, but mainly on foreign leagues such as European soccer or the leagues of other Latin American countries such as Argentina. When international championships such as the Champions League or, of course, the World Cup appearance, the number of bets increases considerably.


It is another very popular sport when it comes to betting. The increase of the same is seen when very important tournaments appear, such as the Grand Slam. Whether at the US Open, Roland Garros, Australia Open, or Wimbledon, tennis takes a step forward in the number of bets received in this sport.


Although it may seem a bit strange, there is a great fandom for boxing. As in the previous case, the largest number of bets is seen when there are important events or a Latin American boxer faces off in a match.


Basketball could not be missing from this list. It is one of the most popular sports around the world. And although the Ecuadorian league may not be present in many bookmakers, the most important leagues in the world are there. Thus, it is normal that during the NBA season the number of bets on basketball increases compared to other times.

Other popular sports in Ecuador

As you can imagine, the number of sports that exist and are available to bookmakers is very varied and very wide. Beyond the fact that the above are among the best known, they are not the only ones. Other sports that Ecuadorians like to bet on are:

  • Horse races
  • Golf
  • Rugby
  • Cycling
  • eSports
  • Football
  • mma
  • Handball
  • Indoor football
  • Volleyball
  • Water polo

All these sports betting and others have their highest number of bets when an important international event such as a world championship appears, something that increases their popularity in all countries.


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