10 Myths About Online Gambling


Consider using an online casino to explore new games, and to enjoy your current favorites. Because of the rise in popularity for online gambling, it’s only natural that there are some misconceptions about the new online platforms for gambling. 

These are some common myths about online gambling, and why they are not true. For more information, check out these jackpot casino games

Online Casinos Don’t Pay Well

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to comparing online casinos with their traditional venues, is that online casinos do not pay well. This is a common misconception, as many online casinos have a lower house edge than traditional casinos. 

This means that players have a higher chance of winning over time, and that they can generate higher maximum values than they may have done in traditional casinos. 

Games With High RTP Generate Bigger Payouts

Additionally, many believe that online casino games with higher RTP rates are easier to generate larger payouts in total. Within any casino game, the Return To Player (RTP) value is a percentage that refers to how much or little winnings a player can expect to receive. 

Online casinos with an RTP value of around 96% or more are typically favored, but they don’t always generate the highest payouts. Games with high RTP values aren’t always the easiest way of winning big, even when it comes to playing online casino games. 

There is still a great deal of skill and baseline knowledge required to secure the best possible payout on the whole. 

You Can’t Use A Strategy For Blackjack

Blackjack is a fast-paced game that many people believe to be luck-based. As a result, it is a common misconception that a strategy cannot be used when playing blackjack. 

This isn’t necessarily true, as there are some unique approaches to the game that are known for increasing players’ chances of winning. Although blackjack is relatively random on the whole, it is worth researching the ways to generate a higher payout. 

Online Casinos Are Rigged

Another common myth regarding online gambling is that online casinos are rigged. This isn’t true, as many good online casinos want the people using them to earn money. In turn, this encourages players to spend more time on a particular site because they will want to play casino games for real money. 

You Will Win If You Play For Long Enough

This is a key belief that many people have when it comes to online casinos. It is important to remember that any casino game relies on luck, and the outcome is relatively random. 

Playing more of a particular game such as slots can increase your chances of winning, but it doesn’t guarantee that you will get a high payout. Make sure you are enjoying the game rather than focusing on the wins. 

The Martingale Strategy Is Best 

One of the common approaches to playing roulette is known as the Martingale strategy. The main thing to be aware of is that this isn’t a foolproof strategy, and there are some flaws in the system. 

Similarly to blackjack, roulette is a relatively random game that is enjoyed for its entertainment value rather than the prospect of winning big necessarily. This means that the Martingale approach which involves doubling your bets during a losing streak may not be the best way of playing roulette. 

Bias Towards Streamer Accounts

Additionally, some people believe that streamer accounts are prioritized to win. The majority of streamers are treated the same as any other player accounts by online casinos. This means that there isn’t any bias when it comes to gambling online, and each player has equal chances of winning. 

Online Casinos Are Illegal

It is also believed that online casinos are an illegal form of gambling. This isn’t true, and many online platforms are actually becoming more secure as technology advances. Consider using a highly rated online casino in order to stay safe online, and that you are checking the laws in your country regarding gambling. 

The Promotions Are Not True

Another myth about online casinos is that the bonuses, promotions, and player incentive schemes are false promises. Make sure you are reading the small print for these when you are considering an online casino platform. This can allow you to adjust your expectations accordingly, and appreciate what rewards and bonuses you can expect to receive. 

Online Casinos Are Boring

Finally, it is a common belief that online casinos are much less immersive than traditional casinos. While there is less of an overwhelming experience that comes from online casinos, they offer an enormous selection of games with unique displays and levels of interaction. 

Players can easily choose from hundreds of variants based off of traditional casino games or more unique concepts that follow a video-game format. The level of immersion is not less, it is just different. 


Hopefully, some common misconceptions about online gambling have been addressed. Make sure you are using a reliable site where you can explore a variety of games. It is also worth focusing on enjoying the games rather than necessarily using a particular strategy. 


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