Best Whiskeys to Gift in 2022


An excellent bottle of whisk(e)y is a wonderful present for any occasion for those who like to drink. It’s difficult to find the perfect expression for the right individual when there are so many choices in terms of styles and cuisines. There is a solution to the conundrum of selecting the ideal bottle. This list of the greatest whiskeys (and whiskies) to give for your friends and loved ones includes both Scotch and rye, Single malt Irish whisky, bourbon, and Japanese varieties.


As a matter of fact, Signet is one of the greatest whiskies you’ll discover at any price. In contrast to Glenmorangie, Signet’s foundation is a particular chocolate malt barley spirit that the firm distils for this expression and then matures in made – to – order American white oak barrels. The sensations and tastes are sensational: Intricate flavors of bitter cocoa, sherries fruits and spice make this whisky one that anybody who receives a bottle will appreciate.

The Macallan 

MacLellan 25 is an indulgence that’s more than just a splurge; it’s an experience that’s hard to get on this side of the Spay. The Macallan 12 Sherry Cask is available for the same price as 30 bottles of the aforementioned bourbon. However, this Single malt whisky spends more than twice as long in Jerez sherry barrels as any other single malt on the market. As a consequence, the flavor profile is exquisite, with hints of fruit and spice emerging with each sip. It’s a present that will be treasured for a long time if you give generously.

High West Double Rye Whiskey

High West’s Double type of rye is the best value on the market when it comes to rye. With a few varieties, the Park City, Utah distillery makes a pleasant and tasty accent to even the most carefully kept bar. It’s also a great addition to a rye-based cocktail like a Manhattan, making it a versatile spirit. Rye whiskey with honey, mint, apple, and cinnamon flavours is an excellent, budget-friendly present for the holidays.

Wild Turkey Master’s 

A Several conditions must be met before a whisky may be “bottled in bond.” They must be at least 100 proofs, distilled in the same season by the same distiller, and matured in a monitored warehouse for at least four years. To put it another way, this year’s offering from Wild Turkey is a startling 17 years old. A bourbon connoisseur’s dream, after all that time in the barrels. Adding a dash of spiced chocolate to the end can persuade you to savor a second sip of this luscious brew.

Yamazaki Whisky

A bottle of Yamazaki 18-year-old whiskey is a rare treat for Japanese whisky connoisseurs. When one sees the label’s signature black and gold color combination, one’s heart is immediately warmed. Ex-bourbon and ex-sherry barrels, as well as Japanese Masuhara wood, give this whiskey a rich, black fruit flavor with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon.

Michter’s Kentucky Straight Rye

Michter’s 10 Year rye is one of the most sought-after bourbons of the year. Everything about this dish is impressive: it’s hefty, spicy, and well proportioned. Even if you don’t intend to give it as a present until the end of the year, buying a bottle now will save you money afterwards. Like other Kentucky ryes, this one is all about the smoky flavour. However, the spiciness is well offset by the sweetness of toffee, vanilla, and marzipan, as well as a delicate citrus flavor.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

We suggest Johnnie Walker’s Blue Label for enthusiasts of blended whiskies. Diageo grain and malt whiskies from around Scotland, including Cardhu and Clynelish are selected by the Striding Man to make a stunning bottle that many merchants will engrave. There is a sweet-smoky combination of vanilla, honey, and cacao, which is followed by the sherried fruits and cocoa. It’s a must-have for every whiskey connoisseur to have on display.

Old Forester 

Old Forester releases one of the most eagerly awaited albums of the year on September 2 in celebration of the birthday of its founder, George Garvin Brown. It’s rare to locate an Old Forester Birthday for less than a C-note, but if you do, consider yourself lucky. A bottle of bourbon is certain to gratify any whiskey connoisseur. Ten-year-old bourbon at 98 proof and only 95 barrels is this year’s release. With hints of macadamia and licorice on the end, typical caramel notes are surrounded by tropical fruit flavours in the tongue.



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