Do You Enjoy the Sight of a Straw Hat? Here are Some Palatable Information


Wearing sunscreen shouldn’t be just a summer activity —it should be something you do year-round. And no, that’s not to imply that you need to wear an oversized hat 365 days of the year (although it could certainly serve as a fashion statement in itself). Some females know how handy a straw hat can be if you’re looking for a cute and practical accessory to provide some extra protection from the sun. So instead of letting your hair down (pun intended) or desperately covering your greasy locks with layers of lustrous hair product, consider picking up an unmatched straw hat on the market for some additional UV coverage.

There are many stylish things that you can always welcome in our closets, and the trend of straw hats is one of these. These cute and breezy accessories go great with everyday summer outfits. Whether you plan on hitting up a party or just headed out to the beach to soak up some sunshine, these can be your best companion. While most people aren’t big on seasonal fashion rules, it’s true that as summer waves goodbye, it’s harder to make your informal straw hat look right when transitioning into autumn. There are still plenty of ways to wear these classic pieces. Check out some different variations; they come with floppy brims, boater brims, cowboy brims, fedora-style brims, etc.

Some can be very extravagant (like the extra-wide brim ones that make you look, like a hobo). Some hats, however, prove to be more practical and look great with a stylish spring dress or tank top. Then, some summer hats come with a foldable option so that you can pack them into your bags whenever jetting off to a holiday destination. While it is legitimate to obsess over summer dresses more, consider including a versatile straw hat to fully embrace the “summer” season on a clothing level. Here is some helpful information about women’s straw hat range to make your shopping easy and fun.

Chief straw materials used in women’s hats

Palm and Panama hats are the two most popular choices. Palm varieties use dried palm leaves that the hat makers shape into a soft but firm straw and twist by hand to form well-knitted bands. These look fabulous for their refined appearance. Another choice of Panama hats consists of the unique toquilla material, which experts believe belongs to Ecuador. This straw is well-known for its lightweight and airy trait. Whether you plan to stay in the open under the blazing sun or spend some relaxing time by the pool, these options are equally reliable. And the best part is you can get them in different variations to suit your leisure or business mood while keeping things super chic.

For example, if you are on a business trip amidst a beautiful beachside location or such a place, you can pick a palm straw hat decked up with a leather hatband. While it maintains the formal vibe, the hat doesn’t look uptight, giving your personality enough scope to indulge in a bit of unrestrained self-expression. Anyway, the thing about these hats is you can wear them the way you desire to match your mood for the day or occasion. So there is nothing to think much about.

The hat styles in the straw material   

There is no shortage of different shapes of the hat when choosing a straw-based item. The most comfortable cowboy can be the favorites because of their generous brim size that safely keeps all the elements away from your delicate face. Since most women’s hats come with additional details, it can be amusing to explore them. They can never disappoint your fashion-loving soul, regardless of how you intend to wear them. Fedora varieties can be best suited for yacht trips or poolside parties as they also contain a little formal effect, mainly due to their traditional prim and proper shape. 

Other than these, you can choose from narrow brimmed boaters for indoor parties or get-togethers or evenings when you don’t need much sun protection. Or, a wide-brimmed boater for similar use as sun hats and others. Then, you cannot ignore the choice of floppy hats at any cost. After all, nothing can beat them when spending quality time on the beach or close to the sea. 

Earlier, people thought that women were not as lucky as men regarding fashionable accessories like hats. But things have changed entirely, rendering all these assumptions meaningless. Even if you explore straw variety, you will realize the power of choices in style, material, size, and shape. You can pick one or more of them for different occasions to expand your summer wardrobe. Some of them can even offer extended use in other seasons. Hence, it makes complete sense to adopt straw headwear pieces in your closet. They can combine with denim, cotton, linens, leather, and any outfit.


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