How to Make Friends Online?


No matter how successful we become in our lives, there is always a need for a friend. Especially once the times get tough and you find everything is messed up. Making friends is not something we are taught, but it happens naturally. It happens all; naturally, that’s true but not entirely. 

You might have become confused now; what exactly are we trying to say here. 

But, our dear readers, in the article, we are not only going to talk about how you can make friends online but also will make you understand the value and importance of efforts you make for the same. 

Efforts matter, no matter what you are doing. Since 2020, we all have been stuck with our homes, and it is only now that the restrictions have ended. In these two years of struggle, all we have managed to do is adapt ourselves to the changing world. With LMS portal and ERP (ERP full form is Enterprise Resource Planning) tools all popularizing all over, we have become more used to online things, even friendships. 

Finding friends online is just like offline practices but what we have understood is more private. 

No matter how you have been connected, bonding with friends requires you to put some effort together and participate in activities.

Online friends can bond more following the below:

  • Group Study

These days’ digital and modern tools and technologies have enabled us with practices that can help us connect better even when sitting at our homes. Group studies, again, can also be accomplished by friends online. 

  • Join a group based online about your common likes

Our likes and dislikes matter the most. Especially as we try to initiate a conversation to bond, all our readers should join groups or pages available online on different social media websites that have common interests and are based on your hobbies. 

For example, suppose you and your online friend are interested in sports like Cricket. You can join pages where live commenting and shorts of the cricket matches are being displayed, which will also help you and your friend bond. 

  • Why not social media?

Although, in recent times, the role of social media in the betterment of society has been under critical observation, even after much criticism, Social media still stands on top. One of the prime reasons behind its popularity is its commitment to connecting. 

Connectivity and networking are the main principles over which social media works. 

Honestly, social media platforms are the best way to know an individual personality over the years and connect with them. 

Once you are done locating ways to network and connect with different people online, the next step should be to start the conversation. Starting a conversation is the most crucial part of building a friendship where most people hesitate. 

One of the essential things you should do at the earliest is to become more active on these platforms. Some people might reach out to you in the first place, but even if they don’t, you must have the courage to start it. 

If there is some profile of an individual you want to connect with over social media platforms, try sending messages. 

You may start the conversation by sharing something that you both have incidentally related to and then go on for a long duration chat. 

You can also keep asking questions, which will help you carry on the conversation. It will also help the other generate questions, and thus, you might start to know each other, share some common interests, and eventually become friends. 

During your talks with the other person you want to befriend, you must keep the conversation flowing and strengthen your bond. 

Apart from these, you might also craft your online profile in a more exciting way to help you get more friends.


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