Is Stem Cell Therapy Beneficial for Treating Damaged Knees?


Currently, stem cell therapy is known as the miracle cure for several conditions, ranging from spinal repair to back pain relief. When it comes to animal studies, stem cell treatments have enhanced multiple ailments, including muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease, and heart ailment. 

However, stem cell therapy can treat knee OA (osteoarthritis). Here the cartilage that covers the bone ends soon starts deteriorating and wearing away. Also, as the bones are losing this secure covering, they will rub against one another. It can result in pain, stiffness, and swelling. It will lead to a loss of mobility and function. 

Today, a vast section of people in the US stays with OA. Some try to manage the symptoms by losing weight, exercising, lifestyle modification, and opting for various medical treatments. And in situations, when the symptoms are worst, knee replacement is the only option. But you can heal yourself by saying yes to regenerative medicine. The stem cell therapy proves to be highly effective. You can check out Kettering Pain control clinic to know more about it

The stem cell injections for the knees

The stem cells that cover the bone ends allow the bones to glide effortlessly against each other with minimal friction. Once a person has OA, it can damage the cartilage and lead to maximized friction, leading to inflammation, pain, loss of function, and mobility. Simply put, stem cell makes use of the body’s own healing process for repairing and reducing the body tissue deterioration, for instance, the cartilage. 

The stem cell therapy for the knees aims at the following:

  • Repair and slow down the damaged cartilage
  • Reduce pain and decrease inflammation
  • Prevent or delay the requirement for the knee replacement surgery

The treatment involves the following:

  • Extracting a blood sample, usually from your arms
  • To mix the stem cells 
  • Injecting stem cells back into the knee

How does this work?

There have been many studies that have come up with stem cell therapy that enhances the arthritis symptoms of the knee. Even though the outcome seems promising, you need more research for discovering:

  • The way it works
  • Accurate dosage
  • The development of the result
  • The treatment duration
  • The risks and the side effects

The stem cell treatment used for knees is non-invasive, and the studies suggest that all the side effects are very less. Once the process is done, a few people might witness swelling and pain, which will subside within a concise time. Also, most people don’t face any adverse side effects. 

The processes make use of the stem cells which get extracted from your body. Theory suggests that it dramatically reduces the chance of severe side effects. That aside, multiple ways of processing and harvesting the stem cells impact the success rates of published studies. Hence, before you say yes to the treatment, you need to learn about the process and how it works. Ideally, a doctor consultation will help you the most to find out how severe is your problem and what is the best remedy for it. 


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