Quickly determine whether a TherapyNotes or a praxis EMR best fits your practice needs. 


Are you switching your EMR? Then read this article to analyze therapy notes and praxis EMRs on their features and usability to get a better EMR for your practice.  

Why consider TherapyNotes?  

TherapyNotes is a cloud-based /behavioral health solution incorporating electronic health records (EHR), a patient portal, patient appointments, and clinical billing. The solution is reasonable for practices of all sizes, including those with multiple locations in various areas or suppliers who need access outside the workplace. More than 30,000 conduct health professionals trust TherapyNotes; TherapyNotes is a leading social health practice for executives. It features robust notes, booking, charging tasks, and free and limitless telephone support. It is a powerful booking and daily agenda apparatus as it was made with the work process of psychological wellness specialists as a top priority. 

What significant features are offered by TherapyNotes? 

  • Calendar: This feature allows Schedule one-time or recurring appointments, access arrangement-related notes, and send mechanized suggestions to patients. Coordinate the Schedule as per clinicians, explicit clients, or specific practice areas. Offers an individual plan for the day with treatment plans, notes, and managerial records 
  • Electronic Records: Empowers fast documentation and notes with discourse to message programming, working in formats and accessible determination codes. Likewise gives doctors prompt admittance to patient records and notices.  
  • Billing: Handles each step of the charging system, including protection qualification check, guarantee accommodation, and installments. Cases can be automatically cleared of any slip-ups or coding mistakes. 
  • Credit Card Processing: Deposit reserves consequently to a financial balance with the incorporated installment handling framework—Saves cards on the document for any missed arrangement charges or future exchanges. 
  • Client Portal: Patients can oversee arrangements themselves utilizing TherapyPortal on their cell phones. Doctors can speak with their clients from a distance by trading messages, video talking, and adding notes, and that’s just the beginning. It incorporates a variety plan, logo, and welcome message arrangement. 
  • Telehealth: Doctors can meet clients online for advantageous video meetings. Meetings are scrambled and incorporated into TherapyNotes and the patient portal.  
  • Planning: Schedule appointments and manage tasks on the daily agenda for higher proficiency by interfacing the plan for the day with records, notes, and charging. Speedy arrangement planning likewise permits customization of the schedule view and portable schedule sync. 

Why choose TherapyNotes over other EMRs available in the market?  

 The great thing about the TherapyNotes software is that it lets behavioral health practitioners come up with and alter treatment plans, mental assessments, progress, and end notes, among others. In addition, client information is profoundly secure with the framework, which consents to data security guidelines set by PCI and HIPAA. Furthermore, full information encryption is carried out in its servers and organization. 

TherapyNotes can undoubtedly assist clients with smoothing out their daily responsibilities with its plan for the day’s usefulness. These are naturally made by the framework, permitting clients to refresh therapy plans, plan arrangements, and submit electronic cases, among numerous others. 

TherapyNotes ensures that all that is required is achieved by monitoring all errands. Therefore, numerous Calendar Views Calendar sees are a critical capability of the framework. Clients have the decision among daily, weekly, and monthly calendar schedule sees, with open plans promptly perceptible from the control center. Plans like one-time or repeating arrangements, staff work, and expansive occasions can, without much of a stretch, be set utilizing the account, while flake-outs can be limited through updates sent through the telephone, message, and email. Note-taking Made Quicker with TherapyNotes; experts can take notes in the fastest time with the framework’s accessible ICD-10 determination codes, check boxes, and pull-down menus.   

In addition, TherapyNotes Suitable note fields are automatically filled as per arrangement data and past notes. The arrangement works with correspondence apparatuses like Mac OS X, iPad, and Dragon NaturallySpeaking transcription programming to make things significantly quicker. TherapyNotes’ structure-based notes framework empowers clients to finish their notes without a problem. Notes made by the framework are intended for practices like treatment, social work, guiding, psychiatry, and brain research. 

What price does it offer? 

TherapyNotes Pricing Starting is from $49.00 /month as its Pricing Model on based on Per User. TherapyNotes also offers a free trial and free version of the software.  

Is Praxis dramatically different? 

Praxis EMR is over an electronic records (EMR/EHR) framework. Praxis is a format-free clinical device. Dissimilar to inflexible and lumbering templates, Praxis utilizes an artificial intelligence called Concept Processing that it gains from you. No other EHR permits more astute and better medication than Praxis EMR. 

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) inside Praxis gets quicker and more straightforward as you use it. Praxis isn’t simply an EHR; it’s a clinical device. 

 Why considers Praxis  

Most Praxis EMR clients finish notes in under 45 seconds. Praxis is simply quick. Indeed “savvy” formats compel you to snap and swipe on pre-put windows that dial you back. Rather than layouts, Praxis thinks like you and gets quicker and more brilliant as you use it. 

With Praxis, you can review your writing as it’s just simple. As a result, you get the same data you want, when you want it, in a way that would sound natural to you. No other EHR is essentially as simple as Praxis. 

Praxis continually refines your way of dealing with medication. You get customized charting with crucial precision. Praxis works on clinical quality like no other framework and helps make you a superior specialist. Practicing high-quality medicine has financial advantages. Numerous Praxis clients see expansions in incomes of 30% to 40% from utilizing Praxis EMR consistently. Praxis was evaluated #1 when doctors were asked how they were not set in stone. Praxis gets you more cash flow. 

Praxis can excuse you in a negligence suit. Layout-free documentation is your best protection against negligence. Praxis records your reasoning cycle and refines your rationale with every patient. Since Praxis depends on past visits, your diagrams are exceptional and safeguarded by doctor-patient classification. Layouts, conversely, increase clinical blunder and can be presented as proof in a courtroom. 

 Charting in your own words brings down your pressure. It’s far simpler to survey your composition than peruse layout fields. Praxis recollects the subtleties, so you invest less energy graphing and additional time with every patient. What’s more, you won’t awaken in that frame of mind of the night out of nowhere acknowledging you neglected to tell a patient something significant. 

Does Praxis   Practices Medicine Your Way? 

The best things about template-free charting are the intangibles; Praxis feels improved. With Praxis, you are never compelled to squeeze patients into organized molds. Instead, you practice smoothly and effectively in a way that would sound natural to you. The best part is that you’ll return to being a doctor instead of an information section representative. 

Which EMR to select? TherapyNotes Vs. Praxis EMR

Each TherapyNotes vs. Praxis EMR are unique; TherapyNotes offers one-of-a-kind, efficient features inside its arrangements and notes. And The Artificial intelligence inside Praxis mechanizes your practice. You outline like a flash, as would be natural for you, instead of tapping on sluggish and drawn-out layouts. No other EHR empowers the efficiency, effectiveness, and convenience of Praxis. The more you use Praxis, the quicker it gets and the better consideration you give. But we recommend you watch a demo of both solutions to get a better picture.  



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